ArtWest 2017

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Contemporary Art | Artists of West Akl | Public Exhibition & Sale | Collectively honouring the varied arts practised in our Communities | Free workshops and Events | Making arts accessible to local and young audiences

Alongside the exhibition of over 70 West Akl Artists, there were public and student workshops, community art projects, and events.  Thanks to everyone that participated and came along.  Especially the many wonderful artists of West Auckland.

Artists included | Aiaraisa Ioane, Aisha Lolai, Amiria Puia-Taylor, Amy Blinkhorne, Andy Leleisi’uao, Anne McIvor, Audrey Boyle, Charlotte Graham, Charlotte Rawson, Christelle Ibambasi, Dane Taylor, David Murray, Desmond Burdon, Dorothy de Lautour, Edith Amituanai, Ela Tukauhaua, Elina Dulakiverata, Galina Efimova, Ghamer Kanda, Gregor Kregar, Gretchen Menezes, Hamish Campbell, Helen Dean, Helen Feu’u, Hyunjin Yun, Ingrid van Heusden, Irina Velman, Janet Charman, Janet Lilo, Javier Carmona, Jayd Pulefale-Mahanga, Jean Stewart, Jermaine Reihana, Joelle Bunt, John Campbell, Kate Mora, Kathryn Stevens, Kelstyn Greig, Kilisi (Tina) Palu, Kinstry Smythe, Lale Tone, Laura Jer, Lisa Baudry, Mark Schafer, Max White, May Trubuhovich, Meeshall Bailes, Melissa Laing, Mere Clifford, Michael Nathan, Milie Laimoni, Mino To’angutu, Miranda Brown, Monique Jansen, Nate Savill, Nicholas Pound, Nick Wilson, Numangatini MacKenzie, Pauline McCoy, Peter Selwyn, Pusi Urale, Rachel Eveleigh, Ros Lowrey, Ross Forbes, Sanji Karu, Sara Hughes, Sean Kerr, Selena Gerzic, Sharifa Safi, Smita Upadhye, Suzie Horne, Sylvia Marsters, Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery Education Team, Tesida Alefaio, The Creative Souls Project, Tiare Daniels, Tim Danko, Tuafale Tanoa’i aka Linda T, Vaimaila Urale, Val Enger, Vera Limmer

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In response to the art on display in the exhibition, DJ Tuafale Tanoa’i aka Linda T + Chef Javier Carmona created a soundtrack and food art that was experienced on Opening night.

BRINGING IN THE LIGHT MURAL | is a mural piece co-created from a talanoa (conversation) with selected year students from Kelston Girls College and mural artist, Amiria Puia-Taylor. The talanoa focused on the students’ retrospectives with their observations of their local environment as a school and more widely as citizens of their community. When asked what some of the key issues of their neighbourhood were, there was an unhesitating mutual heartache for the amount of people without homes.
Kōrero | This mural piece that confronts the issue of homelessness with a bold silhouetted figure whose hands extend out a bowl ‘offering’ instead of ‘needing’ light. The dark figure sits upon a foundation of diverse motifs and complimentary colours to symbolise the ‘ethnic makeup of’ ‘The Block’ (Kelston Girls College) as a statement that objects against homelessness with a positive lens to reiterate the importance of health and wellbeing.

For all ages. The Creative Souls Project, Leela Bhai, Lissa Knight, Janet Lilo, Smita Upadhye and Squiggla held workshops for everyone to take part in.  Thanks to Elliot on the Sausage sizzle and Mister Barista for the coffees and keeping us warm on this wet and cold day.

ArtsWhau hosted the annual Whau Arts Hui…it was a chance for local based artists to exchange ideas and get to know each other.  Special thanks to the Wise Collective for the delicious food.DINNER

ART IN A BOX SCHOOL WORKSHOPS | Mon 30 – Tues 31 9 – 3pm
Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery Education Team, Art in a Box Workshops over 2 days with 6 local Whau schools.  These are booked workshops, message us for more information!

Fashion designer and environmental artist Miranda Brown has been working with our community for the last year on a collaborative flag project.  After launching the project at ArtWest 2016, the final flags will be unveiled at ArtWest 2017!

ArtWestPosterA1ArtWest 2017 has received support from Kelston Girls’ School, The Whau Local Board, Creative Communities, The Chartwell Charitible Trust and The Whau Arts Broker.  Thankyou!

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Thanks Mike and Jenny from the Warehouse, New Lynn for the frames for our students Artworks.

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