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Artists in Alphabetical order | Aiaraisa Ioane, Aisha Lolai, Amiria Puia-Taylor, Amy Blinkhorne, Andy Leleisi’uao, Anne McIvor, Audrey Boyle, Charlotte Graham, Charlotte Rawson, Christelle Ibambasi, Dane Taylor, David Murray, Desmond Burdon, Dorothy de Lautour, Edith Amituanai, Ela Tukauhaua, Elina Dulakiverata, Galina Efimova, Ghamer Kanda, Gregor Kregar, Gretchen Menezes, Hamish Campbell, Helen Dean, Helen Feu’u, Hyunjin Yun, Ingrid van Heusden, Irina Velman, Janet Charman, Janet Lilo, Javier Carmona, Jayd Pulefale-Mahanga, Jean Stewart, Jermaine Reihana, Joelle Bunt, John Campbell, Kate Mora, Kathryn Stevens, Kelstyn Greig, Kilisi (Tina) Palu, Kinstry Smythe, Lale Tone, Laura Jer, Lisa Baudry, Mark Schafer, Max White, May Trubuhovich, Meeshall Bailes, Melissa Laing, Mere Clifford, Michael Nathan, Milie Laimoni, Mino To’angutu, Miranda Brown, Monique Jansen, Nate Savill, Nicholas Pound, Nick Wilson, Numangatini MacKenzie, Pauline McCoy, Peter Selwyn, Pusi Urale, Rachel Eveleigh, Ros Lowrey, Ross Forbes, Sanji Karu, Sara Hughes, Sean Kerr, Selena Gerzic, Sharifa Safi, Smita Upadhye, Suzie Horne, Sylvia Marsters, Te Uru Waitakere Contemporary Gallery Education Team, Tesida Alefaio, The Creative Souls Project, Tiare Daniels, Tim Danko, Tuafale Tanoa’i aka Linda T, Vaimaila Urale, Val Enger, Vera Limmerwebsite border3website Aiaraisa Ioaneaiaraisa‘The Kiwi Coconut’ Yr 13 Kelston Girls’ College

My work is based around my culture and love for the country I live in. I wanted to show that I am a ‘Teine Samoa’ who loves living in New Zealand and that I respect and appreciate the two border3website Aisha LolaiAisha‘Ramadan’ Yr 13 Kelston Girls’ College

I wanted to create a work that reflected my Arabric culture and the important celebration of Ramadan. It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar celebrated worldwide. In my work I have shown the Qaran on a prayer mat and a tasbi. Throughout Ramadan we often eat dates and drink milk or water after the sunset during periods of border3website Amiria Puia-TaylorAmiria-creditphoto credit : Brendan Kitto

I would like to think that my artistic practice is people weaving together, from individual artist to large community groups and institutions. This derives from my background as a Mural artist and the founder of a mural arts initiative called Painting for the People which sits as the visual arts arm of Aotearoa Urban Arts Trust (AUAT). My role within AUAT constitutes as being the Kaitiaki of Culture where I weave urban contemporary artists and arts managers with knowledge holders, kuia, kaumatua and young people. The essence of my practice to help artists become more informed about the location of their mural.

A​ ​favourite​ ​place​ ​in​ ​West​ ​Auckland | Waitakere ranges, Kitekite falls

What​ ​jobs​ ​have​ ​you​ ​done/are​ ​doing​ ​other​ ​than​ ​being​ ​an​ ​artist | All sorts, from Artist in Residence at Manukau Beautification, Arts Education, Graphics Designer, Curator, Project Manager and now currently Production Manager in Television and Creative Director of a Charitable Arts Trust.

Favourite​ ​word/words | YUUUUUUUUSSSSS!​ ​(Positive​ ​affirmation​ ​that​ ​I​ ​love​ ​it)

What​ ​is​ ​the​ ​strangest​ ​thing​ ​you​ ​have​ ​eaten | Haggis? Black Pudding? Chicken Feet.

Is​ ​there​ ​anything​ ​yellow​ ​in​ ​the​ ​same​ ​room​ ​as​ ​you​ ​right​ ​now | Yes, my oil burner, i scored it for $1 from an opshop.

Have​ ​you​ ​met​ ​a​ ​celebrity | ​Sean Bean – ‘Ned Stark of Game of Thrones’, well actually he’s my cousin’s Father in Law now.

If​ ​your​ ​art​ ​had​ ​a​ ​smell/taste,​ ​what​ ​would​ ​that​ ​be | Watermelon paint! It would smell as yummy as Watermelon and pretty like it too!

A​ ​favourite​ ​artwork | I have far too many to attempt choosing one, I would say it’s the artwork on my fridge given to by one of my youngest recruits ‘Okusimeimoana Mahina-Tuai’ its super cute and I know she made it special for me. Those are the best pieces of art anyone could have.

Something​ ​you​ ​would​ ​tell​ ​your​ ​younger​ ​self…​Slow doooooown! Goals are great, but living with the ones you love longer are the best goals to ever have!

Instagram/Twitter: @thepeopleweaver

facebookwebsite border3website amyAmy-Blinkhorne-Artwest-photoThis Artist’s practice explores the notions of liminality, an in-between space that challenges two or more multiple constructs.  Influenced by the experience of distorted sound, as a result of wearing hearing aids, strange spatial interactions take place within the artworks body and surface.

Creativity is life, we are all creative beings everyday whether we physically make art or not.  Like nature, nature can be tranquil but also volatile; we are nature and we experience life through growth and decay.

I enjoy working alongside other artists on projects in and out of the studio. Art brings people together, it is a space to celebrate and be analytical about life, society and ourselves.  It can prod our beliefs and assumptions; it reminds us of who we are.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Whatipu Beach

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | I work as a librarian at Kelston Deaf Education Center and I am also an assistant at Auckland Print Studios. I have started doing film reviews for Narrative Muse, a woman driven website for films and books and have been working with The Arts Whau Community Arts Broker on a short film project with some of the Deaf community that live in the Whau area.

What is the strangest thing you have eaten |
 Wood… don’t ask.

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | A flyer for the best pizza place in West Auckland, (located in Mt Albert), called Haji-Baba Takeaway.

Have you met a celebrity |
 I met Sir Edmund Hillary at Waihi Beach when I was 7, he was such a beautiful, kind soul.

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | A cucumber maybe…?

A favourite artwork | A beautiful little collage that my flatmate, Esther got given by her friend that sits on our mantel piece.

Something you would tell your younger self…
 As a woman, learning to say ‘No’ is such a crucial thing to learn to do.  I think we have a huge social pressure to try and meet everyone’s expectations and needs.

Instagram @amyblinkhornewebsite border3website Andy Leleisi_uao

Andy-Rainbow-You,,Rainbow-MeRainbow made to place on shelf or hang on wall.  These are taken from the rainbows in my ufological island paintings.  Acrylic on primed coconut shell.  Make your own, it’s easy.

A favourite place in West Auckland | The Taphouse, Avondale

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Daydreaming

Favourite word/words | Dummy

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | A smurf

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | Yellow squares on a rubik cube

Have you met a celebrity | Yes, a few Ronald McDonalds…yes, who are they?

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Rainbow

A favourite artwork | Too many!

Something you would tell your younger self…
1 + 1 = 3website border3website Anne McIvor

Annie-McIver-Artists-Statement---2017-Waitakere-Scupture-Show.docxSomeone said to me that artists often carry a group of themes within them for a lifetime and certainly, for me, I see themes in what I make recurring in a variety of forms. As a child I often dreamt that I could float. The dream was so intense that when I awoke I momentarily would believe this was possible in real life. The sensation has remained with me all my life.

As a figurative ceramic sculptor, I hand build using both coil and slab techniques and construct in a modular way. The formation of identity, particularly during childhood, continues to be my focus. The motivation in my making is to capture and encapsulate those small haemorrhages of the self, the dualities we encounter, which chart our emotional progress through life. I completed a Master of Design at Unitec in border3website Audrey BoyleAudrey-photoThey arrived in 1838 in Aotearoa after travelling by boat about 14536 nautical miles; one or two more came every decade till the 1880s; the last one jumped ship in 1912. They all had an excuse to leave their home country – social distress, industrial unrest, economic depression. They all sailed to Aotearoa seeking asylum in the land of opportunity. They rebuilt their lives using their tools of their trade; they escaped their home country tirade. They are all my grand-parentage. That is why I am here. That is why a lot of us are here. Now, some of us wish to turn away these people, by force, if necessary. Jewel of the tirade is a comment on the current conflict in attitudes towards refugees and the militaristic culture that seeks to exclude them 100 years ago great great uncle William went off to war; the last sepia toned photo shows him standing amongst flowers, where only the flowers have been coloured.

William’s final letter written to his sister Maudie from Sling Camp in England, on the eve of his departure to France and the hell of the trenches and death, had the lines, “it is a cold place here. Snowing and raining all the time, we will be glad to get away from here. They say that it is warmer in France than here.” He remains buried in France.

Audrey Boyle was born in Rotorua, and pursued various self-directed creative projects before undertaking extensive travel throughout Europe, and has exhibited in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. She returned to New Zealand to complete an Honours degree in Sculpture at Unitec School of Architecture and Design, Auckland in 2001, and most recently completed Masters of Design by Project with distinction in Sculpture. She currently practices in the Waitakere Ranges working intuitively with various materials, installation / sculpture and printmaking.

A favourite place in West Auckland | A special walk in the Waitakere Ranges that only we know about !

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Work at Starship Paediatric Haematology Oncology – transcribe the doctors scribble really fast so that its on the system as soon as possible for the kids to be safe in their health

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | kangaroo stew – meal kindly cooked by Koori people for me in NSW – it was delicious

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | My partner wears a big yellow workers jacket with “Contemporary Art Practitioner” written on the back

Have you met a celebrity | Ben Kingsley – I was an usher at Edinburgh Festival of Arts and wouldn’t let him into the venue because he and his entourage didn’t have a ticket and I didn’t know who he was. He red faced raged at me “don’t you know who I am” and I said in my quaint NZ accent “no”. All systems go when the establishment found out and Ben got into the venue.

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Flowers

A favourite artwork | Anything by Eva Hesse

Something you would tell your younger self…
Ask grandma and grandpa and great great aunts and uncles more about our family history.

Audrey’s websitewebsite border3website-grahamChar-and-kawariki-image-1800.jpg.1070x1000_q80_crop-smart_upscaleWest is best | My fave place in Auckland is Piha. I love the sea and it’s my second home . It’s my fave spot all year long.

I am a researcher, trained teacher, artist and collaborator. I transfer all of these skills when working in education, conceptualising exhibitions, running workshops, presenting and when working in film and TV.

Favewords | climate action, anthroprocene, shame on my undies

Strangest thing you’ve ever eaten | snails

Something yellow in the same room as you | Yellow yep, a yellow canary actually, my yellow adidas sneakers, a fkag I made for the Whau that is over my couch and a painting of mine has yellow in it. I guess I’m a fan of yellow too.

Yes I’ve met celebrities | the one who made me go abso gaga was Spike Lee. The celebrity who made me wanna vomit most was , nah better not…

If your art had a smell/taste | Art Nz said my pou were lickable so I imagine  they’d be sweet and sticky smelling like toffee

I have many fave artworks | but my most recent  favourite artwork is my Robyn Kahukiwa painting of a strong Maori woman and a tui in profile looking steadfast and assured.

I’d tell my younger self | to do crosswords daily and don’t go to Lonnie’s party at 27.  And what the lotto ticket no’s were last week.

Charlotte’  website

website border3website CharlotteCharlotte-Rawson-photoMy work aims to explore a natural movement and liquidity. The work aims to explore a natural flow between shapes and the reactions they have to each other. I wanted to explore something that resembled thoughts and emotions and the way they intertwine and play off each other and how they can gain energy or react haphazardly. I am a first-year Bachelor of Creative Enterprise student studying at Unitec. Art has always been a passion of mine, being one of the most enjoyable subjects through school. I find creating the most rewarding thing I do and it allows me to express my emotions.

A favourite place in West Auckland | My favourite place would have to be Bethells Beach. I have grown up around and on that beach and find it so beautiful and peaceful.

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | I have worked in the hospitality industry for the past two years and am now working with dogs. Apart from creating art in my own time I’m a full-time art and design student at Unitec.

Favourite word/words | Bamboozled, spontaneous.

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | I’m not too sure, the most adventurous thing I might have eaten is oysters.

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | My amazing cushion with an English Bull Terrier on the front from Nood and a tube of yellow acrylic. Also, my ribbon from Humanature which says “Chill Out.”

Have you met a celebrity | No I haven’t.

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | I imagine it would be something like a plum pudding, heavy but light and fluffy at the same time with rich elements seeping through.

A favourite artwork | A print of the Whirling Dervishes my Mum bought back from Turkey.

Something you would tell your younger self…
Not to worry so much about trying to plan things.

Charlotte’s Instagramwebsite border3website Christelle‘Muzizi’ (roots) Yr 12 Kelston Girls’ College

I am a Congolese girl.  Congo is the centre, ‘the heart of Africa’.  My painting is inspired by my culture, roots, African heritage and traditions.  I wanted to paint a colourful artwork with patterns because Africans are happy people and love colour.  I used a traditional mud house as the background and shown an African girl with ‘afro’ hair wearing a Masai necklace.  I created this painting as I wanted to share my beautiful African culture with you.

My culture, my border3website DaneDane---Stained-Glass-DaneTOriginally from Masterton.  Currently based in Auckland

Education | Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from Auckland University in 2009.  Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Film and Anthropology from Victoria University in 2001.

Artist Statement | I mainly work with gouache on digital prints. I use the background images in the paintings like found objects. These images become the ground for the hand painted foreground figures. There is a characteristic colour sensibility to the final compositions which are created using digital and real collage.

I hope that viewers will explore my work visually, it is intended to facilitate visual thinking. The figurative aspect of the objects which hover in the compositions is definitely there but what it represents is hard to pin down. The titles often add an important layer of meaning which directs the interpretation of the work in a variety of directions.

Favourite place in West Auckland | Green Jade takeaways. I have been lucky enough to exhibit an artwork I made just for the shop at my favourite takeaway during the Whau Arts Festival.

Jobs | I work as a picture framer at El Framo and as an art/music tutor at the Mount Albert Community Club.

A favourite artwork | The Red Studio by Henri Matisse although I’ve never seen it in real life.

Favourite word | Parasaurolophuswebsite border3website Desmond Burdondesmond

Desmond’s websitewebsite border3website Dorothy de LautourDorothy-de-Lautour-Artist-Info.docxDorothy graduated with a Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts in contemporary jewellery from Unitec in 2013.  Dorothy is co-founder and managing director of Whau Studios in Pt. Chevalier, Auckland.  It is from Whau Studios that she teaches jewellery classes and has her workbench.

Favourite Place in West Auckland | Piha

What other jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Mum of 3, Computer systems engineer, network infrastructure design, self-employed computer consultant, office administration, jewellery collective studio administrator, teacher and curator.

Anything in the same room as me right now that is yellow | My pliers

Favourite Artwork (at the moment) | Dean Buchanon painting of the West Coast (a present from my husband)website border3website Edith Amituanaiparkhui copyI take pictures because I can’t paint.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Oooooooh too hard here’s a few; Our bus stop that’s not a bus stop Ranui Station Road, Bethells Sand dunes, Western line train route, my old house in Tat North

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | 
Factory worker as a teen, lecturer, quasi youth worker

Favourite word/words | 
”you think I’m stupid son?” ”you trying to con a con man, you’re not even learning anything on the streets are you?” Mr Clark – Lean on Me

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | 
Stinky tofu was kind of strange nice tho

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | 
Post it notes, Glue stick, Cube for records

Have you met a celebrity | 
I photographed the All Blacks recently so I’ve been using that line a lot

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Good Q! It would smell like night markets! Cultural mix up, deep fried, sweet, savoury mixed with exhaust fumes & people watching.

A favourite artwork | Hard to answer there are so many I haven’t too much in person but I’m silly for missing William Eggleston’s show that was recently on show in Melbourne.  Would of loved to have seen that.

Something you would tell your younger self…
don’t stop playing sports & be more confident in yourself.

Edith’s website          insta handle: edith_amituanai

website border3website ela“When I first came here I was a bit shy but when I came I knew some people so I felt all good so I started painting and I felt all good.  The first time I was painting a Maori lady she was really sad.  She was named Aroha.  Anyway she dress and had a Maori coat on with a pounamu stone.  She was crying because she was thinking about her friends because she hasn’t seen them and that’s why she cried. “website border3website elina‘Marama’, Yr 13 Kelston Girls’ college

I based this painting on my Fijian culture and what I think it means to be a female Pacific Islander. The painting as a whole represents my idea of who or what a pacific island woman is. The Fijian masi patterns in the background are used to show strength and can be found throughout our culture and heritage, while the frangipani and hibiscus flowers show the beauty and grace that we possess as pacific border3website Galina EfimovaGalinaGalina was born in the former USSA (Russia) and came to New Zealand in 2001. As a young woman she was surrounded by artists and this carried over to her wanting to start her own creative processes.

On arrival in New Zealand, she was excited to experience new and different aspects to life, such as experimenting with various aspects of jewellery design. She learnt how to make jewellery from researching master classes and books.

Galina has started coming into her own as a creative jewellery artist and enjoys working with seed beads, glass beads, pearls and gem stones.

The creation of jewellery is now recognised and has its own place in the fine border3website gregorGregor Kregar artist photoMy work is not confined to any single medium or material. In my sculptural practice I often combine a wide variety of materials such as stainless steel, plastic, card-board, ceramic, glass, video and photography. I utilize familiar subject matter such as human figure, body parts, television sets, bottles, inorganic rubbish and animals.
I am interested in how the familiar subject can be represented in a way that displaces the original meaning and imbues the subject with new and unfamiliar meanings. My work deals with issues of ambiguity and the uncanny yet it is strongly connected to the social, economical and political environment I live in.
A favourite place in West Auckland | Kaipara habour
What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | All of them!
Favourite word/words | BBQ
What is the strangest thing you have eaten | Bulls Balls
Have you met a celebrity | Vitto Acconci
If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Sweat
A favourite artwork | Beam drop by Chris Burden
Something you would tell your younger self…
Be smarter

Gregor’s websitewebsite border3website Gretchen MenezesGretchen-great-treeI started painting about 4 years ago, I took a little canvas and four basic colours and when completed the painting was nowhere close to what I had in mind. In an attempt to improve the painting, I went online to find out how to get a little more depth and detail and that opened the door to a new way of expression.

There is so much information by way of techniques, materials and styles online for anyone interested. I also found a host of artists who were generous in sharing their learnings with demo lessons, videos and blogs. Over time the paintings have evolved and the techniques keep changing and I enjoy the ride.

A favourite place in West Auckland | 
Muriwai – the rocks where the gannets nest

Favourite word/words | 
” Do what makes your Soul happy.”

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | 
Yes –

a large book – The complete works of Oscar Wilde

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | I think it might taste a bit like cool drink of coconut water …..

A favourite artwork | The Kiss – Gustav Klimt

Gretchen’s websitewebsite border3website Hamish CampbellHamish-art-statement-and-details.docx-1I’m a software engineer – building virtual things that respond to people is what I do.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Cornwallis Beach

Favourite word/words | Vituperative

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | Alligator

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | A (distressed) painting of flowers.

Have you met a celebrity | I spotted Dai Henwood at Woodworks once. He seemed busy so I didn’t bother him.  Does that count?

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be?


A favourite artwork | An old heraldry map of Scotland, inherited from my Grandmother.

Something you would tell your younger self…
Don’t be so sure.

Hamish’s twitterwebsite border3website Helen DeanHelen-Dean-Artist-information-and-Artwork-details-to-fill-1I paint colourful abstract paintings in my home in Titirangi. I gained a BA in Fine Art back in the 1990’s but I only started painting consistently again in 2015, after moving out to West Auckland.

My work is based on shapes found in the landscape around me and the light and shadows upon it. I usually begin with small studies on paper and then work intuitively, allowing for happy accidents. I like to use layers to build up a painting. revealing and concealing marks and shapes.

I am interested in the process of painting as much as the result and often paint over a canvas many times enjoying the results at the end of each painting session. I have enjoyed working on some painting commissions this year for the first time and am thrilled to have started to sell work nationally and internationally.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Bethells Beach.

Jobs you are doing | I teach English to adult migrants and refugees.

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | My favourite pair of yellow sandals

If your art had a taste, what would that be | Raspberry ice cream

Something you would tell your younger self | Don’t stop creating.

Helen’s website

Helen’s Instagramwebsite border3website border2hf photo of western springs“The last photo I took was taken at Western Springs. I have a strong affinity with the
natural world, and for me this photo reflects the power of nature through it’s moment of
tranquility, stillness, equilibrium and wonder.”

I am an emerging artist, a graduate from Unitec, having completed a Bachelor of Art and Design in 2015.  My practice is part time, where I base myself at Corbans Estate Art Centre, and the rest of the week I work full time as an office clerk.  I have always been creative but was never ready to give it life until in my later years.  The work I make comes from a place that instills regeneration, bettering the places we inhabit, honoring our sacred, respecting the natural worlds, whether this is internally or externally.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Muriwai beach, Titirangi Hardware Cafe,
Laingholm suburbs.

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | In my early years, I worked at Thornton Hall Fashion House, and Moontide Swimwear.  I had an interest in
fashion design.

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | I grew up eating scottish delicacies, lambs tongue, pigs trotters and tripe.  Things I would never eat now!

Have you met a celebrity | When I was a teenager, I got to meet the Queen at a Govenment House funtion.  I have met Billy T James and Ilona Rodgers at their TV series set.

A favourite artwork |  Favourite NZ artist Bill Hammond

Something you would tell your younger self…all the hard work was worth itwebsite border3website Hyunjin YunHyunJin-Yun.odt-2I like to create light sculptures using knitted fabric and lighting. I make fabric from materials like copper thread, fishing line and wool. I prefer to make fabric with manually operated knitting machines. I light the fabric with materials like fibre optics, electroluminescent wire and LED. I hand finish the fabric into sculptures based on the qualities and relationship of the fabric and lights.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Avondale Markets

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Mother, Silk Trader, Researcher, Hair Dresser, Factory Worker.

Favourite word | (kiss)

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | We have been living with flatmates for fourteen years, and sometimes we share dinner for a social, communal time. One time I remember a flatmate was learning to cook and improvised an orange cheese sauce for dinner that was really strange.

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | Toys, cushions and lemons

Have you met a celebrity | I’ve met Helen Clark and I also enjoyed meeting the Dalai Lama.

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Fresh forest smell with a waterfall of mountain valley water taste.

A favourite artwork | The favorite piece that I’ve made is a curling light sculpture made from knitted nylon interlaced with fiber optic strands. I also love my son’s art explorations. One of my favourite international artist is Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam who made the crocheted playground at Whoa Studio in Henderson (see image below.)

Something you would tell your younger self…Learn how to paintingwebsite border3website Ingrid van HeusdenIngrid-van-HeusdenBeing stimulated by the beauty of my surroundings, I collect flora along with many found objects and take pleasure in placing these in the context of jewellery. These solid silver bangles, earrings and rings are identical replicas of seaweed that I have personally collected on the beaches of New Zealand’s coast. They are cast in sterling silver and hand finished at Whau Studios. Every piece is unique.

Instagram iv_jewellery

Facebook I.V jewellerywebsite border3website Irina Velman41-Spring-in-the-airIrina Velman is New Zealand artist whose paintings found home in many private collections all over the world.

The artist’s inspiration comes from powerful beauty of nature and endless possibilities of creative process itself. Irina’s art is known for its distinctive style,

vibrant colours and clarity of vision. Her favourite colours are red, orange, yellow- hues of sunshine and fire, warm, passionate and expressive.

The artist sees the world in a beautiful, mysterious way and believes in healing power of art.

Irina’s websitewebsite border3website janetjanetJanet Lilo b.1982 (Ngāpuhi, Samoan & Niuean) I work in digital video, photography and Installation. My art practice explores experimental documentary and drawing processes for exhibition, performance and archive. I’m interested in documentation as a conversational and social tool for recording time, people and place – often with reference to popular culture. I was raised in west Auckland. I’m a member of Whau the People community arts collective, staunch supporter of the underdog and proud mother of three.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Waikumete Cemetery.

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Mum, gas station worker, graphic designer, car park attendant, lecturer, dishwasher in a bar etc.

What are your favourite word/words | Sorry and Thanks.

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | Foie gras and I’m ashamed of myself.

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | A banana

Have you met a celebrity | Edith Amituanai.

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Pineapple Lumps.

What’s one of your favourite art works | Attends moi (wait for me), Claude Lévêque (2012) I saw this in an old candle wick factory in Normandy, France. There were several pieces in this show which were quite large and intense but this installation was so quiet, small, simple but by far the most border3website Javier CarmonaJavier_Beirut_8505I have been fortunate to work in the hospitality industry for over 27 years.
It has enabled many journeys around the world and the opportunity to immerse myself locally and socially, within the fabric of numerous cultures, using food, as a medium to communicate.
Working as a chef allows me to express myself creatively. My style is at times confronting, challenging the palate and conventional perceptions surrounding the food we eat.  I choose not to follow trends, shaping my menus to provoke an emotive response.
I aim to move forward, breaking with tradition, while embracing border3website Jayd Pulefale-Mahangajayd‘Umu’  Yr 12 Kelston Girls’ College

My work reflects my Niuean culture. I have used taro leaves and coconut cream which get wrapped in a parcel with chicken and buried in an earth oven called an Umu. We have one in our back garden and use it on special occasions like hair cutting and ear piercing border3website Jean StewartJean-Stewart-photoI first started painting when I was 24 and felt I needed a way to communicate because I didn’t like the way I always felt outside of things. Then I found that I understood painting somehow and it took over. Recently I have been trying to make paintings worth something to people celebrating life or people or whatever.Right now though I’m really into the formal aspects of the painting the colour values and that sort of thing and it’s good it’s interesting and ultimately all these tricks will lead to the viewer’s experience being stronger.  And I guess now that’s the point to be able to provide an elevated viewing experience. Why do people like to look at paintings? What exactly does it do? so weird when you think about it.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Whatipu

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | kitchen hand/ gardener

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | fake canary statue that sings

Have you met a celebrity | I have got Lenny Kravitz’s autograph

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | the smell of wet mud or vegetables

A favourite artwork | any paintings by Louise Hearman she is my favorite at the moment Untitled 1280 2009 is pretty good.

Something you would tell your younger self… be kind to your inner child

Jean’s websitewebsite border3website Jermaine ReihanaJermaine-1-Te-Ira-TangataJermaine Reihana is an emerging Māori artist who is Hokianga, Ngati Hine and Pakeha whakapapa .

Jermaine studied at Massey University School of Māori Visual Arts in Palmerston North, graduating, with honours in 2012. Jermaine has a studio based at Corban Estate Arts Centre and tutors young people involved with Kakano Youth Arts Collective. Jermaine is also working with Depot Artspace in Devenport working on projects and events while developing an awareness of Te Reo Maori and Tikanga Maori in the workplace.

Reihana’s work is rendered in a fine illustrative style while re-working traditional Maori narratives with a stylistic re-interpretation and juxtaposition of kōwhaiwhai, tukutuku, and whakairo design conventions. With such adaptations Reihana produces a personalised response to cultural practices, suggesting and interrogating issues relating the current social, political and environmental climate from a Māori perspective.

As an ancient indigenous species, pekapeka symbolises the impending endangerment of everything intrinsic to wellbeing in the world; it clings courageously to its rich whakapapa, its wairua, its place at the confluence of Rangi and Papa, as it negotiates a careless and destructive border3website jodyFish-MarketEarlywebA​ ​favourite​ ​place​ ​in​ ​West​ Auckland | In my backyard on a summer evening with friends over, kids going wild and staying up too late.

What​ ​jobs​ ​have​ ​you​ ​done/are​ ​doing​ ​other​ ​than​ ​being​ ​an​ ​artist | Loads. I’ve worked in a Diary, McDs, Cafes, Nannying, Driving cars/motorbikes/trucks for delivery across Scotland, The Fringe Festival, Galleries, Horse poo picker-upper, Admin, Mother, Coordinator of Community and Art related things including ArtWest.

What​ ​is​ ​the​ ​strangest​ ​thing​ ​you​ ​have​ ​eaten | Strangest that quickly became a favourite is a haggis and egg muffin with hp sauce. Only made right at the food truck at Bilston Glen Ind Est, Loanhead.

Is​ ​there​ ​anything​ ​yellow​ ​in​ ​the​ ​same​ ​room​ ​as​ ​you​ ​right​ ​now | Yes, my cardigan.

Have​ ​you​ ​met​ ​a​ ​celebrity | ​Pissed Rik Mayall off at a restaurant once…asking for his autograph and giving him a pen that didn’t work. He thought we were taking the piss.

If​ ​your​ ​art​ ​had​ ​a​ ​smell/taste,​ ​what​ ​would​ ​that​ ​be | This series of Photographs would smell damp and fruity.

A​ ​favourite​ ​artwork | A photo snapshot my Gran took in Belgium while visiting the person who hid my Grand dad from the German soldiers after he crash landed on German occupied territory.

Something​ ​you​ ​would​ ​tell​ ​your​ ​younger​ ​self…​You don’t have to know ‘what you are going to be/do, just DO and it’ll come’.website border3website Joelle BuntjoelleI think that my love of art is intrinsic within me. My mother is an artist and my maternal grandmother also studied art and was an art teacher. I sadly never met her as she passed away when my mother was young, but have always felt like she is with us in spirit, encouraging us.. I have learnt to accept that art is a large part of who I am and how I express myself and not to contain or restrict it but instead to make time to explore it in depth. In 2016 I won First Prize in the Waitakere Trust Art Awards. Judge josie McNaught said, ‘Sometimes art does the job of words so much better and this work confidently conveys the landscape with its moody colours and cloudy sky – it calls us to go West!’. I couldn’t have asked for a better response, and am so pleased it evokes these emotions. I was raised free-range out at Bethells on the west coast, where I still reside, and the landscape has engrained itself within me. I’m so inspired every day by the beautiful scenery I see. It’s wonderful that I can remind others what a wonderful place our west coast is.


A favourite place in West Auckland | Te Henga, Karekare and The Ranges

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | I have a degree in Landscape Architecture. In order to escape life at a desk looking at a computer screen, I began teaching Design and Visual Communication in 2004. I am happy to say I made a good decision as I continue to find real enjoyment in it.

Favourite word/words | I can’t say that I have a favourite word as such. I have always had an unexplainable curiosity for names though and somewhat oddly enjoy reading about them.

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now |
 Yellow colour pencils, and a yellow teachers set square.

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Salty and fresh.

A favourite artwork | 2 abstract paintings of street scenes/buildings by an Italian artist that I purchased when I was in Florence. They remind me of the beautiful city and I love the way the artist uses colour in them.

Something you would tell your younger self…
Have more confidence and don’t trust everyone you meet.

Joelle’s website                Joelle_bunt_artist on Instagramwebsite border3website John CampbellJohn-Cmpbell---artist-info-1My interest in art evolved from the age of 13 when I attended Coventry College of Art, Uk from 1952 to 1954.  On completion I took up printing.  I emigrated to New Zealand in 1964 and continued in the printing industry until retirement.  In 2004 I again took up watercolour painting.  Now retired and living in Westmere, Auckland, I am looking forward to spending more time doing the hobby I love.  Specialising in New Zealand and Australian landscapes, as well as trying to capture the rural scenes of old buildings, letter boxes etc., every subject is a challenge which I enjoy and hopefully share with others.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Piha

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Printer

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | Walls

Have you met a celebrity | Son of Baden-Powoll

A favourite artwork | Waiheke boatsheds – Just love the waterwebsite border3website Kate Mora

Kate Mora has been painting for four years and began by her love of the surroundings where she lives in Titirangi. She has since experimented with various styles ranging from impressionism to abstract. Kate is a member of the Titirangi Painters, the Upstairs Gallery, and the WCCAC.

website border3website Kathryn StevensKathryn-StevensI currently live in Avondale with my partner and teenage daughter. I am lucky to have a studio alongside about ten other artists. It is one of the few studios left in the inner city. I also teach painting at a private art school in Grey Lynn. As a painter I am inspired mainly by architecture, and its related ideas of constructing space. I usually begin my artmaking by drawing and making small structures that play with a particular idea about making space.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Whatipu

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Painting Tutor, Make up Artist, Gallery co-ordinator, Mum

Favourite word/words | mungeling….not a real word…think my Dad made it up.

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | Durian fruit.

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | Yes, A 60’s yellow jug that belonged to my great aunt.

Have you met a celebrity | Paul McCartney….as in one of the Beetles, I did his makeup for an interview before a show in NZ

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Maybe some kind of spice…maybe Cardamom, or cloves…

A favourite artwork | A little sculpture I own by Paul Johnston. I love this work because he is making sculpture that seems to have some relationship to some of the ideas that I make paintings from.

Something you would tell your younger self…
Do what you love, and do it with 100% belief and commitment.

Kathryn’s websitewebsite Kelstyn GreigKelstyn‘Childhood’, Yr 12 at Kelston Girls’ College

I wanted to create a work that reflected all the chaos and mess during breakfast time. The hectic rush causing milk spills during frantic preparation for border3website kilisiKilisi migrated from Tonga in 2012 with her husband.  Kilisi said “now I have time and resources to make what I love making, Heilala.  The plastic flower represents real flowers.  I also make necklaces from pandanus and Mulberry leaves, and coconut border3website kinstryKinstry Smythe works with photography, moving image and makes an occasional painting. She is interested in interior and exterior spaces, the difference between near and far, and the space in between.
In this recent body of work Kinstry is making a wandering map of: structures, botanics and land, where she explores places. The word ‘place’ is used not only to refer to spatial locations, but also to locate people inside society.
The focus of her current photographic work can be categorized by a set of parameters that encompass the notions around a territorialisation or colonisation of spaces and places by a governing power (the self or government) in which an exchange and imbalance of power may border3website Laura JerLauraI graduated from Unitec with a Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts (Contemporary Jewellery major) in 2013 and now work at Whau Studios in Point Chevalier, a fabulous studio space that I share with 5 other contemporary jewellers. My practice is largely process-driven; it is through playing with metal that I create my designs. I love the hands-on nature of jewellery making and the way that I can transform silver sheet and wire into a three-dimensional form through folding, twisting, pushing, pulling, rolling, hammering, drilling …

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Marketing assistant

Favourite word/words | Bubbles

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | Goose intestines 

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | My baby’s building blocks

Have you met a celebrity | Bill Nighy, Ralph Fiennes, Geri Halliwell, Prince Harry. Served them when I was waitressing in London during my OE.

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Cinnamon

Laura’s websitewebsite border3website leelaLEELAS _art#4I grew up in rural Far North, privileged enough to be surrounded by creative resourcefulness and a close knit community life.  I studied art and art history all through School and had a dream to go to Elam.  Yeah, THAT didn’t happen!  Reality bites!

So I re-directed into design at the then AIT, closely followed by a lot of party-ing and then family life.  As the grey hairs started to emerge, so did my desire to pick up my design career where I left off, and I became an adult student at Unitec.  With a finally finished degree in hand, I started my own business and am passionate about spatial design, especially public and shared spaces.  I’m very involved in community arts,  teaching art classes at Corban Estate and have lived here in West Auckland now for nearly 15 years.

Favourite​ ​place​ ​in​ ​West​ ​Auckland |  Saint Michael’s Church, Corban Estate.

What​ ​jobs​ ​have​ ​you​ ​done/are​ ​doing​ ​other​ ​than​ ​being​ ​an​ ​artist | Part time Arts Administrator, Workshop Tutor, Spatial Designer, Make-up Artist & Soccer Coach.

Favourite​ ​word/words | Nebulous. Yip. Thats a pretty cool-az word.

What​ ​is​ ​the​ ​strangest​ ​thing​ ​you​ ​have​ ​eaten | I’m not very adventurous in that department.

Is​ ​there​ ​anything​ ​yellow​ ​in​ ​the​ ​same​ ​room​ ​as​ ​you​ ​right​ ​now |  Some pretty fantastic poka-dotted washi tape.

Have​ ​you​ ​met​ ​a​ ​celebrity |  I’ve had my butt pinched by Cuba Gooding Jnr in Las Vegas!

If​ ​your​ ​art​ ​had​ ​a​ ​smell/taste,​ ​what​ ​would​ ​that​ ​be | A gingerbread house, to scale, covered in hundreds and thousands!

A​ ​favourite​ ​artwork | I have always been obsessed with Gauguin. ‘Vahine No Te Tiare – Woman with a flower’  is a favourite.

Something​ ​you​ ​would​ ​tell​ ​your​ ​younger​ ​self…​You can do it!! website border3website Lisa BaudryLisa-photoI’m an illustrator, painter and designer with over 20 years experience in the creative industries. I studied graphic design and illustration at AUT in the early 1990s and have worked in the commercial graphic design, fine arts and ceramics sectors.

I don’t make strong distinctions between the disciplines of art, design and illustration. I believe they all inform each other.  I use traditional and digital tools and love experimenting with new techniques.  I want my work to play a part in humanizing environments, and provide a connection for people to the history of the hand drawn and the hand made.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Te Henga – the Lake and the beach are amazing. I love the way the locals stop any visual pollution, it makes it a sanctuary for the eyes.  I’ll also drop in Spotlight Henderson for my fabric fix.

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Milker (yes, cows), Ceramic Decorator, Administrator, Graphic Artist, Food Worker, Nanny, Museum Front-of-House

Favourite word/words | Well, I have a quote on the wall of my kitchen that says: “Honour your dreams, work towards them everyday”.

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | Zebra, Impala and Crocodile at a South African banquet

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | Freesias, Bananas and Lemons

Have you met a celebrity | The American singer songwriter, Lucinda Williams

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Something cooked on an outdoor fire, with an amazing charcoal / smokey / earthy taste

A favourite artwork | A little framed postcard by Studio Violet which was set up by the swedish artists Camilla Engman and Elisabeth Dunker. Elisabeth has gone on to start Fine Little Day which has amazing homewares, I like simplicity and lovely linework in it.

Something you would tell your younger self…Forget the struggle and go with the flow.

Lisa’s website        Lisa’s facebook          Lisa’s instagramwebsite border3website Maria PodskrebkoMaria-Podskrebko-PhotoI moved to New Zealand from Russia in 2011. West Auckland has been a home for my family for almost 6 years now, it is a truly special place, since there are plentiful opportunities for people wanting to try out arts or crafts, so I took a chance with one of those, and finally made my long standing dream come true: started learning jewellery making at Bush Studio in Titirangi. That was a lifechanging experience! Working with stone and metal still never fails to delight and bring happiness! I am hoping that whoever gets to take my pieces home will be enjoying wearing those as much as I enjoyed making them.

A favourite place in West Auckland | 
Little Sister Cafe

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Translator, Teacher, Teacher Aide, Tutor

Favourite word/words | Tomorrow

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | Pig’s ears

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | My toddler’s toy truck

Have you met a celebrity | Unfortunately, no

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Sour

A favourite artwork | Fabric patterns by Finnish textile designer Maija Isola

Something you would tell your younger self…
Don’t be afraid to ditch things you no longer enjoy.

Maria’s facebookwebsite border3website Mark SchaferMarkSchafer_v4I work in Neon, cast glass, ceramics and embedded electronics. I use Neon to control the lighting on cast glass pieces as well as working in it directly. My pieces are very three dimensional and search for the Line in Neon which can be very expressive.

The use of non-traditional gases adds many possibilities for interior pieces. These are all departures from Neon’s more traditional sign-making roots. My cast glass varies from thrown forms based on Pottery to constructed sculptural pieces.

A favourite place in West Auckland | What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist? 
  Visual effects for movies, making video games, designing tools to make the 787.

Favourite word/words | Quantum Mechanics

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | Scorpions

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | Post it notes 🙂

Have you met a celebrity | John Dykstra – The Dykstraflex camera system enabled starwars’ digital effects

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Banana with a soft Lemony aftertaste then chilli…

A favourite artwork | A Glass and Stone composition I picked up in Poland when I was visiting in the 90’s. It inspires me.

Something you would tell your younger self…
You only get good at something through practice.  Be border3website maxJanet Charman and Max White are from across the river in Avondale.

Janet has published seven previous poetry collections: ‘At the White Coast’ (AUP, 2012), is a memoir of a year working in London during the Thatcher era. The manuscript of that collection was joint winner of the 2010 IWW (Auckland) Kathleen Grattan Prize for a Previously Unpublished Sequence of Poems.

Her collection ‘Cold Snack’, (AUP, 2007) won New Zealand’s 2008 national poetry prize. Max has worked in Art and Design education for over thirty years, at both secondary and tertiary levels, the last twenty at AUT.

Something we’d tell our younger selves…
‘Always practise safe sex … but enjoy your horny self as much as you can.’website border3website May TrubuhovichMay---ForceFieldCUI developed an interested in embroidery when I found that I was wanting to embellish/graffiti everything I was mending. I found parallels with other things I’ve done in the past, like hand tracing and inbetweening for animation, and using Bezier

curves/paths in Illustrator and Photoshop. I find it enormously satisfying, and the meditative nature of the process is a good stress reliever. My works are all hand- embroidered from original designs, which I draw onto the fabric with erasable markers.

At the moment I’m having fun playing around with found fabrics, and working in a more humorous vein.

A favourite place in West Auckland | My garden, where I’m slowly replacing the many weeds with bird-attracting NZ natives.  The loop tracks and plant ID loop from the Arataki Visitors Centre.

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | After studying film at Ilam and making several short animated films, I spent the 1990s working on animated TV commercials in Sydney. I did a brief stint of photo retouching and then moved into interactive design for online advertising, where I specialised in illustration and Flash animation. I love being a mum to my 2 boys and 1 cat.

Favourite word/words | Frisky.  Nape.  Limpid.  Pussky

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | Onion-flavoured candy. The writing on the packet was in another language, and I had no idea what it was going to be.

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | Bananas

Have you met a celebrity | Once I met Temuera Morrison in Kings Cross, Sydney. I told him I loved his work, and when he asked what I’d seen, he looked disappointed when I panicked and said Shortland St. He had not long since been in Once Were Warriors; of course I should have said that!

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Lemon honey. Sweet with a bit of bite.

A favourite artwork | One of my favourites was a gift from my mother; it’s an etching by her, called “The Blue Medicine”. It depicts a bad dream which my nephew related to her when he was a young child. It’s spooky and beautiful.

Something you would tell your younger self…Be kind. Don’t worry.

Instagram: @animaytey

#madebyanimayteywebsite border3website meeshallMeeshall.docx-1Meeshall Bailes grew up in Taranaki in a small country town and always had a passion
and interest in wildlife and in particular New Zealand native birds. After studying Graphic Design at university and majoring in illustration, she was able to marry together her formal training with her self taught painting style.
A favourite place in West Auckland | 
Te Atatu Penisula

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | 
Teacher at
Kelston Girls’ College

Favourite word/words | 

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | 
Chicken hearts

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | Bananas!

Have you met a celebrity | 
John Campbell

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | A fine red wine (hopefully!)
A favourite artwork | Salvador Dali’s ‘Persistence of Memory’.  Saw this artwork at the MoMa in New York and was blown away by its small size but incredible detail. Truly stunning!

Something you would tell your younger self…
Don’t procrastinate!

Meeshalls website website border3website Melissa LaingMelissa-Williamstown-Mel-Ash3I am an artist, theorist and curator who works in the intersections of performance, ethics, politics and art. As an artist I work across the media of film, conceptual writing, print and sculpture. I make art to be able to talk about things that are important in the world.

A favourite place in West Auckland | The Train Stations

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | I once worked for immigration New Zealand as a Privacy and Official Information Act Officer

Favourite word/words | Contrary, peripatetic

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | fermented tofu (strange to my tongue, not inherently strange)

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | The sheepskin cover on a second hand stool I acquired at the Avondale Markets

Have you met a celebrity | Helen Clark (prime ministers are celebrities aren’t they?)

A favourite artwork | A rock and citizenship certificate from Nowhere Island by Alex Hartley. Nowhere Island was a floating Island which was its own nation. It was towed around the UK artwork in 2012 before being broken up and distributed to everyone. Part of the island ended up in space!

Something you would tell your younger self…It never works out as you planned so don’t worry as much.

Melissa’s websitewebsite border3website mereMere Clifford Maungataketake Oil on Canvas 122 x 91 cmI start making art once I have understood the context (I often base this on a real experience) and I look at Artist models that have a similar Kaupapa/ideology. I work in series but must finish within a certain time therefore I often work towards an exhibition.
I design the composition using thumbnails but this can change but there is a structure. I use previous personal styles or work in other artist’s styles that I like. The thumbnails gives the work intention in terms of structure but sometimes this is not fixed.
I sometimes don’t know what or how a painting will look apart from the basic structure but I base this on experience, I try not to get too concerned if the painting is not quite going the way I want it to.
I can walk away from a work then redo areas, I know when to stop and let the work go.
I have lots of ideas but generally they tend to align to common themes. I have videoed
myself and often it is a simple explanation as to why I do the work. It is a response to the
environment I am presently living in, and I often voice social issues through my work.
It is difficult to predict a future but if I was to look backwards there is probably a pattern
that emerges.
Ka nui te mihi,
Mere Clifford
Mere’s website border3website MicaelMichael is a very considered painter who pays close attention to detail. His individual paintings are distilled elements from a sweeping mural he is in the process of painting inside a garage where he lives.  website border3website Millie Laimonimille‘Blood of Warriors’  Yr 13, Kelston Girls’ College

The inspiration for my work was my culture,Tuvalu…I wanted to create a work that reflected the history of my people. My work represents the blood of my ancestors who were strong warriors of my home land.  Tuvalu mo te atuawebsite border3website minoMinoneti To’angutu came from Tongan in 1996.  She lives in Kelston and loves the Kelston area because the community works together as a family.  Minoneti said “while she was a full time mum I was thinking of making something with my skill to help my family with the school fees, stationary, uniform and other things, so I decided to do it.  I am really happy now as make different stuff from home”website border3website mirandaKelston-Identity-Flag-Project-RectMiranda Brown is a West Auckland artist working in the built environment and community engagement projects.

The ‘Flag Identity Project’ supports local participation and leadership through the arts by creating connection and a sense of place.

The Kelston flags are a platform for the community to explore and express Kelston’s identity.

Celebrate Kelston – the place and the people

Create connection and celebration for Kelston and the Whau area

Communicate Kelston’s history, culture and unique offering

As a community participation art project we created a series of workshops where members of the community created an artwork reflecting themselves and Kelston.

These identity artworks have been joined to create a master-artwork printed onto a cluster of beautiful flags that to be used by the Kelston community for community festivals, events and celebrations.

Miranda held workshops through Kelston including:

Artwest 2016, Kelston Hub events, Kelston Girls High, Kelston Boys High School, Kelston Intermediate, Early Learning Project, KECC.

200 artworks were collected from a broad spectrum of the community enabling the  success of this community arts project.

Thankyou to Whau local Board and Community Waitakere for border3website Monique JansenMonique---image-of-thelive-drawing-I-made-earlier-this-year-at-Te-Uru-Gallery-for-HEAT_-Solar-Revolutions,-3rd-Oceanic-Performance-BiennialMonique Jansen is an Auckland based artist and Senior Lecturer in Print and Drawing at AUT University in Auckland. She has exhibited at many public art galleries and museums in NZ including Te Papa Tongarewa/Museum of New Zealand, Auckland Art Gallery, Suter Gallery and Te Tuhi Gallery. Internationally her

work has been exhibited in artist run spaces in Sydney and Antwerp and she exhibited as part of the Impact 9 International Print Conference at the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou and at the Ruskin Gallery, Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. Her work is held in many public and private collections, including Te Papa Tongarewa, Chartwell Collection, Fletcher Collection and the Jenny Gibbs Collection. She was the winner of the inaugural national Parkin Drawing Prize in 2013.

My drawing and printmaking practice focuses on ecological thinking, biological systems, networks and convergences; where parts transform into wholes. They are a study in labour, accumulations, density and dispersal.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Waitakere ranges

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Cleaner, factory worker, child-minding, gardener, teaching… currently teaching on the Bachelor of Visual Arts @ AUT.

Favourite word/words | Not sure if I would call these my favourite words but the words/concepts that are playing constantly in my mind at the moment are: energy-descent, post-carbon, regenerative land management, de-growth, permaculture.

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | Strange to me, was yak-butter tea, but ‘strange’ is about what you are used to, right?

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Fresh, crisp green-tea

A favourite artwork | I own a tiny little painting by Elliot Collins called ‘piwakawaka’… it has three tiny little swatches of beige paint on a dark ground with the text piwakawaka across it. It manages to be prosaic and poetic all at once.

Something you would tell your younger self…
“Get some perspective! It’s not all about you”website border3website Nate Savillscreen-shot-2015-09-30-at-5-20-19-pmMy work is a transformative process using ancient blacksmithing techniques to make both functional and sculptural work. The physical, visceral and primitive nature of forging coupled with the resistance of metal is exhilarating.

My ideas are informed by this material and tradition as well as other archaic ideas housed in pseudo science (alchemy), magic, and ritual. These works occupy space as vessels; archetypal objects of both ancestral significance and contemporary psychoanalytic thought.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Corbans Estate Art Centre, where I have my studio. I also like crystal mountain, I feel like it’s a guilty pleasure.

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Foundry worker, Journalist, Cleaner, Display technician, Artist wrangler, House painter, Record trader (the type with grooves), Sculptors assistant/technician

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | Dog.

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | The spine of the book “our band could be your life” by Michael Azerad.

Have you met a celebrity | Tiesto. The most popular DJ ever… apparently.

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | I think Chief Javier Carmona hit it last year with his blowtorched steak and silver leaf dish.

Nate’s website          Facebook and Instagram – Natetheblacksmithwebsite border3website Nicholas PoundNick-PoundNicholas makes paintings full of malopropistic malaise, cheap puns and lazy obviousness. These paintings are on notice boards and other things picked up at op shops and traders stores. Nicholas lives and works in Avondale as a canvas stretcher.

A favourite place in West Auckland | The Yellow Store on Delta Ave

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | 
I was Santa Claus one time at St Lukes Mall.

Favourite word/words | 

Have you met a celebrity |  
Wayne Anderson, Singer of Songs

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Vosne Romanee

A favourite artwork | Something you would tell your younger self…
 spend more time and moola on deodorant

instagram . @newportpoundwebsite border3website Nick WilsonNickthepositivespiritWhilst at art school in Christchurch in 1982 I worked with Don Peebles, painting department head, and Philp Trustrum , whom Don had very cleverly brought in, to completely contradict him in just about every manner. Both of these wonderful artists were and remain enormous influences. Previously as a child I was drawn to, as well as comic art, Impressionism and Van Gogh, later Cubism, particularly Picasso, although I became deeply fascinated by his later works. Surrealism, and Max Ernst particularly, was of large significance. Of course at art school one is exposed to more contemporary work, colour field, shape canvas, abstract expressionism etc.… that all gets mashed in there.  These influences and concerns shape my border3website Numangatini MacKenzieNumaInterdisciplinary artist Numangatini Mackenzie works in graf, tatau and mixed media installation. His practice centres on the exploration of urban space and the processes of building connections to his Pacific heritage and his communities. His

research engages with literature on Oceanic art, museum collections as well as collaborations with living practitioners of art forms ranging from tatau, painting and spoken word to voyaging/navigation and street art. Numa often responds to these

experiences and sites of investigation through large public graf installations, performance and printmaking. He is actively involved in cultural heritage projects, performative acti.VA.tions, research and community development in New Zealand, where he is now based, Numa was born in Canada where his hunger to understand his culture grew, which prompted him to move to the Cook Islands in 2009. His move gave Numa the opportunity to grow family ties and his understanding of cultural arts like tapa, tatau and voyaging.

In 2011 Numa was honoured to participate in the Pacific Voyagers “Te Mana O Te Moana“ Voyage, sailing throughout the Pacific on Marumaru Atua – the Cook Island double hulled vaka/canoe that accompanied six other canoes from across the Pacific. The mission of the expedition was to use the wisdom of the ancestors,

combined with modern science, to propel the Pacific into a more sustainable future. Recognizing the pacific ocean as a living entity in need of protection and to re-awaken the next generation with cultural values through the traditions of voyaging. The voyage took him across the pacific to the Solomon Islands to participate in the

11th Festival of Pacific Arts. The experience exponentially grew his Polynesian family, cementing his belief of the unmatched connections between Pacific peoples and allowed him to share his artwork throughout the Pacific. Numa is a member of the New Zealand cook Island arts collective, Te Toki Voyaging Trust, and the SaVAge K’lub.  This voyage like many since then has given Numa the knowledge to stand in the worlds largest Polynesian city with pride and border3website OvERMac-photoNot very much known as OVeR, I have had the great fortune of working on some truly inspiring projects while networking with many influential and creative individuals along the way. Exploring every method mixing with everything available. I believe in the power of working together to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. As part of WL’s I was fortunate to see the world beyond my art. I started to discover a vast environment around me. My art means my power within me, and thus we make something that we call our own.

A favourite place in West Auckland | 

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | last job in NZ – I was a CSR at Intercity’s contact centre

Favourite word/words |
 sleep, eat – repeat.

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | frog?

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | 
my coffee mug.wuhoo!

Have you met a celebrity | not familiar with anyone

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Sweeeeeeeeeeet…

A favourite artwork | Many to mention, but I love Nychos’s medusa piece. Details.details.details.

Something you would tell your younger self…

OvER’s website

OvER’s facebookwebsite border3website Pauline McCoyPauline-light-box-1Pauline McCoy was born in Dunedin and lived in London from 1984- 2004, during which time she studied BA Hon 3 Dimensional Design in Furniture at Middlesex University and a Masters in Interior Design at the Royal College of Art 1990- 1992. After her studies she worked for various Architectural firms in London doing commercial Interior Design before going freelance and designing for the residential & retail markets. In 2004 Pauline moved back to New Zealand and continued as a

freelance designer whilst raising two sons in Titirangi, Auckland. Pauline’s love for ceramics began in 2009 where she joined Peter Lange’s class at Auckland Studio Potters. In 2014 Pauline began a Diploma in Ceramic Art (part-time) through the Otago Polytechnic with the intention of becoming a full time studio potter. In 2016 Pauline worked partime at Collis Studio as an apprentice. She has a particular interest in functional ware with a modernist approach, loves clean lines and simple shapes.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Whatipu

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Assistant Teacher with Margret Sumich at Auckland studios potters

A favourite artwork | Bernar Venet 88.5° ARC x 8 2012 Corten steel, 8 arcs each 27m x 0.75m x 0.75m. Impressive both in scale and form – beautiful.

Something you would tell your younger self…follow your passion

facebook: pauline mccoy ceramicswebsite border3website Peter SelwynPeter-at-wheelI like playing with mud. I find it satisfying to create and work with my hands. I get as much enjoyment in building a wide range of different kilns as I do in creating pots.

The current works on display are an experimental blend of local clays, smoke fired using some readily available garden chemicals as colourants. The continual wet weather has curtailed further development of this work.

My background was in making experimental equipment for chemical research, so it was natural for me to play with border3website Pusi UralePUSI-URALE-Photo78 year old artist Pusi Urale has been living in Avondale for seven years. Her latest art series is an exploration of her memories as a child growing up in the villages of Samoa. She was a finalist in this year’s Wallace Art Awards 2017, which is currently exhibiting at the The Pa Homestead and due to exhibit nationally early next year.

Urale is inspired by pointillism and the tropical and vibrant colours of the islands. An avid painter as well as a storyteller, she loves and enjoys the arts. Urale feels the urgency to express her creativity as much as she can due to her age and fading eyesight.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Avondale because it’s flat and I can walk anywhere in my old age. I also feel safe in Avondale.

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | I am a retired school teacher.

Favourite word/words | Aiga (family)

Have you met a celebrity | Proud to say that I have met and had my photo taken with Helen Clark in front of my painting.

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Koko Samoa (Samoan Cocoa)

Something you would tell your younger self…
‘Listen to your parents’RachelRachelA favourite place in West Auckland | Te Uru gallery, then Deco for coffee and amazing views

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | I am an Art teacher and have taught in the UK, Botswana and now at Kelston Girls’ College. I have worked in bronze foundries in London and NZ

Favourite word/words | Really!

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | Mopane worms in Botswana

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | Yellow digger

Have you met a celebrity | Don’t think so

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Fresh, cool night air

A favourite artwork | ‘The Critic’ Weegee 1943, inherited from a favorite uncle. A black and white photograph of 1940’s high society New Yorker’s with drunk lady looking on

Something you would tell your younger self…”Go to art college in Exeter, not Canterbury…… way too far from home!!”website border3website Ros LowreyunnamedOriginally I  travelled from England to New Zealand, with my NZ husband, with no intent to settle, but I did with no regrets.   My second teaching job was at Kelston Girls College and it’s where I taught Art  and Design for 33 years.

My passion for Art and Design led to the expansion of the Art department into a thriving Arts Faculty which encompassed my passions of drawing, painting, design, and photography, and through the years, with the help of some inspiring art teachers and wonderful creative students, the Arts flourished. It was a wonderful experience working with the young women at Kelston Girl’s which I totally embraced and enjoyed.

The time came however when I had to leave and focus on my own art, but my heart is still in West Auckland and the school that I worked in for so many years Years before I met and married a New Zealander in England and the connection brought me to Auckland. From my English roots I learnt water colour skills from my father at an early age. I studied Art in London and then gained a degree in Birmingham (UK) majoring in fabric design and illustration. Later I exhibited water colours and 3D sculptural Victorian mixed media boxes in the South of England.

My background has been solely in the arts, I worked in a pottery, as a pottery decorator, taught pottery, painted and exhibited wild flowers studies in the USA, illustrated and produced card designs in London, UK and also in New Zealand. I also created porcelain night lights and hand painted ceramic jewellery and sold work in many craft shows.

I like all aspects of art and Design and embraced computer technology and the way that made graphic designing so much easier and so much fun.

From an early age I have loved I love fabric design and pattern, the English countryside, plants and flowers. The lure of travel was great, recent travels through Morocco and India with their wonderful prints and designs have been inspirational and I am presently in Africa.

My artwork explores connected histories in NZ and uses many images that I collect and connect with, on my walks and travels. My work includes drawings, watercolours, oils, and various print techniques including solar plate and etching.

The three works in this exhibition continue to explore the native Tui and its symbolic relationship with the colonial immigrants, reflecting on what happened when the Huia was decimated. The painted blue pottery represents the colonial influence and the Tui’s become more symbolic, and border3website Sanji KaruSanji Kauri_WalkSanji Karu is a Photographer, Artist and Master Printer. He was a commercial photographer from 2008 till 2012. He completed his Bachelor Degree is Photography and Media Arts in 2013. From 2012 onwards he began focusing more on his Art Practice and withdrew from commercial photography. After graduating from Unitec, Sanji formed Skar Image Lab, a Fine Art Print Studio. Due to the nature of Sanji’s work, he takes photographs in his free time, which is normally during holidays. He captures whatever is interesting to him. It could be the light, it could be the colours & subject. The reasons are diverse.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Whatipu & Green Bay What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Operating a Fine Art Print Studio & Chair at Green Bay Community House

Favourite word/words | Whatever happens in the world is real, whatever you think should happen is a projection of your mind.

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | Marmite

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | Plug Boss, Stanley Measuring Tape, Humans of Hendo Book, Post It Note, Yellow Ink

Have you met a celebrity | Int: Moby, Sky Nellor.  Local: Tiki Taane, Jared Turner

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Pigment Ink & Paper

A favourite artwork | Ansel Adams – Snake River : It is a well composed image, dramatic & great contrast

Something you would tell your younger self…Nothing, I have no regrets, everything that I have been through has shaped who I am today.

Sanji’s website

Sanji’s instagramwebsite border3website saraSara-Hughes--With-her-work-'Colour-CodesI approach paintings as schemas for thinking – it is my aim that my work oscillates
between visual image and visual information. I often use colour and pattern to articulate
social meaning by utilizing aspects of perception and semiology. My practice
incorporates a wide range of scales and mediums. I often create large site specific
works in public space and I have a deep interest in the ways that art can interact and
engage with place and with people. Much of my recent work is influenced from
observing my two young children. Abacus the painting shown at ArtWest was a
response to seeing the world through their eyes as they developed depth perception
and pattern recognition.
A favourite place in West Auckland | Karekare beach
What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | 
Teaching art,
waitressing etc
Favourite word/words | Play
What is the strangest thing you have eaten | 
Chicken feet

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | 
A yellow Stanley knife
Have you met a celebrity | Petra Baghurst
If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Like a complex curry, different
flavours emerge over the course of a meal and linger on your palette. You are eating
fresh ingredients but the recipe is steeped in history and memory.
A favourite artwork | Currently the painting my 4 year old gave to me last week.  It’s full of energy and speaks for a moment it time, it was given so exuberantly, I love it!
Something you would tell your younger self…
Art is part of life, don’t try to separate
the two.

Hughes is represented by Gow Langsford Gallery in New Zealand

Sara’s websitewebsite border3website sean5 - What's it doing, installation shot, AAG 2013-14 3Sean Kerr lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand, where he is a practicing artist and teaches at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland. He has a produced two major books, Bruce is in the garden, so someone is in the garden, and Pop. Both were published by Clouds publishing.

Within the broader field of visual arts his work as an artist is distinguished by a sustained engagement with activating found and recycled objects with new and emergent technologies from the perspective of their interactive potentials, and documents this focus through exhibitions, publications, performances and the Internet.

He has been actively exhibiting artist in New Zealand since the mid 1990’s. As a consequence, has gained exposure to a wide variety of audiences in diverse venues both in New Zealand and internationally. Examples of his video, interactive, sound and installation practice are held in a number of nationally significant and internationally recognized public art collections.

A favourite place in West Auckland |
 Home with the family

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | 
Sound assistant for Films

Favourite word/words | Shit shit shit

What is the strangest thing you have eaten |
 Rat, for Christmas breakfast, on the hills of Sapa, in Vietnam

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | yes, a sticky post it pad

Have you met a celebrity | Bruno Lawrence

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Bitter sweet

A favourite artwork |  Lisa Reihana – Emissaries at Venice,    it was amazing!

Something you would tell your younger self…
 do what you want to do

Seans websitewebsite border3website Selena GerzicSelinaIt’s quite personal, cynical, hedonistic, narcissistic, talking about intimacy, materiality and narrative structures of meaning. also trying to be some kind of meta-critique of the art world which i participate in and sometimes profit off.

A favourite place in West Auckland | Waikumete cemetery in the winter when it’s foggy.  looks like a spooky fantasy

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | ok so in Serbia where I’m from there’s a delicacy called “pihtije” – online it translates to “pork cheese” or jellied pork…it’s basically a bunch of old meat thrown in garlic jelly. It tastes as gross as it sounds.

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | Rachel eveleighs box of vita wheats. does your mum eat vita wheat!?!?!

Have you met a celebrity | I’ve met some of my favourite rappers including online viral rap sensation Lil B. he was cool.

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | tastes like tears,lipstick,cotton candy.smells like blood and sweaty band-aids.also smells like teen spirit.

A favourite artwork | “Logos” by Hany Armanious… the work is just bits of blu tack stuck on the wall with his fingerprints in them. simple. funny. genius. i think each bit of blue tack was priced at $500….suck on that art collectors!!!! i also love Merlin Carpenters Burberry works, and the police ones.

Something you would tell your younger self…treat yourself better sel!website border3website sharifa‘Haram’ (forbidden by Islamic law), Yr 13 Kelston Girls’ College

My work is inspired by body art. I love tattoos and would really like some myself but my religion forbids them.  This work is a way of expressing body art without getting
them myself!website border3website Smita UpadhyeSmita-Artist-information-and-Artwork-details-to-fill-1I work from home as a practicing Artist. Participate with art exhibitions here in NZ & overseas. I had my solo exhibitions of my paintings on ‘Significance of lord Ganesh’ and paintings on ‘Indian Folk Art’.

Ganesh is a popular figure in Indian art, therefore paintings of Lord Ganesh available in various forms, mediums and styles created by Indian artist. Lord Ganesh is a widely worshiped as the supreme deity by Hindu pantheon. Everything auspicious starts with invoking his name. Unlike those of some deities, representations of Ganesha show wide variations and distinct patterns changing over time. There is a significance of the Lord Ganesh form. It attracts me to express my love towards Lord Ganesh through my paintings. I have rendered Lord Ganesh forms in bold & bright different colours like Acrylic, Water colours, inks etc and used Mixed Media to create beautiful layouts & designs to bring out my border3website SuzieHi, my name is Suzie Horne, I design and hand-craft all Curlicue NZ Jewellery from my home in Titirangi, Auckland.  Curlicue NZ produces sustainably elegant, 100% recycled Sterling Silver & Copper, wire work eco-jewellery incorporated into delicate and timeless designs.   My inspirations are drawn from nature – especially New Zealand’s native flora and fauna. Stones, crystals and pearls are often wrapped within spirals or flourishes (curlicues) – which is where the name “Curlicue” came from.

Our natural environment is hugely important to me, and my previous work as an Ecologist and Environmental Planner strongly influence me and are a reminder to both highlight and protect its amazing features. My other hobbies include art, music, dancing and animal photography.  Curlicue NZ’s main aim is to provide busy mums with gorgeous jewellery that makes you feel confident and beautiful – while at the same time being affordable and easing your conscience in the knowledge that my jewellery is environmentally friendly.

A favourite place in West Auckland | My home or coastal bush – I love being in the NZ bush but looking out to the sea, it’s very calming!

What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | Being a full-time mum 🙂

What are your favourite word/words | Only one?!  Awesome!

What is the strangest thing you have eaten | Tiny deep fried whole fish with big eyes, in Spain.  We misunderstood the menu (it was in Spanish) …

Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | Yes! Lots of things – paper flowers that I made with my daughter, my mug next to me is yellow with a ginger cat in a beret on the front of it(!), a yellow notebook (for work), paper cups that have been made into houses and people, yellow wool, a drawing pad, pictionary….

Have you met a celebrity | A few years ago we met Kirk Torrence, from Outrageous Fortune at my husband’s work bakeoff final! Can’t think of anyone else just now.

If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Wet. Like the smell of a stream running over moss-covered stones that are surrounded by the damp undergrowth in nz native bush – manuka trees, and silver ferns, and the mighty kauri up above. Then an extra audio-visual of chirruping fantails, trilling tuis and the occasional ‘whoosh-whoosh’ of kereru flying between the nikau palms.

What’s one of your favourite art works | I gave a soapstone elephant sculpture to my husband for our most recent wedding anniversary.  It is intricately carved with an open lattice pattern on the outside, that shows another elephant in the middle – that also has holes showing a third small elephant in the centre of that one – so three altogether.

There are 3 in our little family and I love how this sculpture, which is beautifully made, also mimics our family with the big strong daddy one, the medium sized mummy one inside and then the smaller young elephant in the middle.

Curlicue NZ Jewellery

website border3website sylviaPainting is an exploration of my ability as an Artist. It is also a personal investigation of my Cook Islands heritage. My Father’s passing in the late 1990’s was one of the catalysts for considering a career in Fine Arts. Finding a way to connect with my largely unknown Pacific Islands ancestry and to enrich my Artistic expression.

A favourite place in West Auckland | 
 The cliffs around Blockhouse & Green Bay
What jobs have you done/are doing other than being an artist | 
Merchandising /
sewing garments
Favourite word/words | Popongi
What is the strangest thing you have eaten | 
eel sushi
Is there anything yellow in the same room as you right now | Lots of yellow paint on a new canvas
Have you met a celebrity | 
 Annie Lennox record signing in
If your art had a smell/taste, what would that be | Scent of Gardenia
A favourite artwork | Monet waterlily painting in the Metropolitan museum, filled a whole room!! Still fresh & vibrant
Something you would tell your younger self…
Have faithwebsite border3website Tesida Alefaio‘Sea Me’ Yr 13 Kelston Girls’ College

My work reflects the hardship of providing meals and taking one life to feed another. This fish was caught by my father who often goes fishing in the Kaipara.

What has been important in my photography  is the use of colour and lighting. In this image I wanted to use natural lighting to highlight the colours and tones of the fish and the wood. The way in which this image is arranged portrays the process of meal preparation – time consuming and border3website Tiare Daniels‘Paua of New Zealand’  Yr 12 Kelston Girls’ College

The inspiration for my work comes from my love of paua and the sea. My family always went collecting paua when I was little, and it reminds me of special occasions and celebrations. I wanted to create a work that showed the paua being taken out of the sea. I included the flag to represent my home country of New border3website TMum-as-installation-assistantTuafale Tanoa’i aka Linda.T is an artist based in Tāmaki Makau Rau/ Auckland and is of Samoan descent. Using video, photography and DJ-ing Linda. T’s practice aims to document and share community stories, generating a living archive. Her kaupapa* has been described as one that is based on koha* – often made with and gifted back

to the communities she is engaged with. She has also worked with various organisations from community to government lead incentives with a special interest in Pacific women’s health and youth. A Masters in Art and Design from AUT as well as an early career in local radio, TV and short film contribute to her methodology and multi media approach. Linda. T is widely recognised for her contributions to small communities in Aotearoa, New Zealand through her rigorous and uncompromising chronology as a documenter since the early 1980’s.

Recent projects include Ata Te Tangata 02, May 2017 at Toi Tu Studio One, NAVIGATE, Tautai 30th Anniversary exhibition, 2015; Tea Lounge with Linda.T, Te Uru Gallery, 2015; Linda. T DJ Performance, and St. Paul St. Curatorial Symposium 2016

Everyday is Mother’s Day is made up of several images selected from an ongoing project that began officially in 2014. Linda T documents her mother Ema Tanoa’i as they spend time together, attending community events, art openings and running errands. The motivation here is twofold, there is an attempt to map and monitor Ema’s journey with dementia, keeping track of what clothes are being

worn, places visited and people met while also building a deeply personal body of work that explores the relationship between a mother and daughter, memory and love. Using photography to capture, document and create an archive of memory that is perhaps more reliable than our own. While these are deeply personal observations, there is a universality about the work that speaks in a multitude of ways.

*kaupapa: (noun) purpose, intention, methodology

*koha: (noun) gift, present, offering, donation, contribution – especially one maintaining social relationships and has connotations of border3website Vaimaila UraleVaimaila-Urale---ARTWEST-Info.docx-1Vaimaila Urale was born in Fagamalo, Samoa, and lives in Avondale. Urale’s art practice is strongly identifiable by her use of four universal keyboard symbols < > / \ to create the template for her artworks. These symbols have two defined cultural references; Firstly, they represent Samoan symbols used in pre-colonial art forms such as tapa(bark cloth), tatau(tattooing) and lapita pottery. Secondly, they reference ASCII art also known as text based visual art which transpired as an early form of computer image making. Her methodical use of Samoan symbology has been used across a diverse range of media, including paintings, tattoos, digital prints, ceramics and murals.

A​ ​favourite​ ​place​ ​in​ ​West​ ​Auckland | My mother Pusi’s home and art studio

What​ ​jobs​ ​have​ ​you​ ​done/are​ ​doing​ ​other​ ​than​ ​being​ ​an​ ​artist | I was paid to do a machete dance with my sister’s, at the Lord of the Rings wrap party in Wellington. We were the opening performance act. Crazy and amazing.

Favourite​ ​word/words | Fia ai

What​ ​is​ ​the​ ​strangest​ ​thing​ ​you​ ​have​ ​eaten | Sea slug guts

Is​ ​there​ ​anything​ ​yellow​ ​in​ ​the​ ​same​ ​room​ ​as​ ​you​ ​right​ ​now | Yes, yellow ribbon

Have​ ​you​ ​met​ ​a​ ​celebrity?​ ​Who​ ​were​ ​they | Topp Twins

If​ ​your​ ​art​ ​had​ ​a​ ​smell/taste,​ ​what​ ​would​ ​that​ ​be | Coconut oil

A​ ​favourite​ ​artwork | Anything by my daughters, Manamea and Anivanuanua

Something​ ​you​ ​would​ ​tell​ ​your​ ​younger​ ​self…​Your daughters are allowed more than two middle names.

Vaimaila’s websitewebsite border3website Val EngerVal-the-cliffsI have my own studio Matipo Road Te Atatu Peninsula. I studied art at School and was going to Elam but decided to go overseas instead. I returned to Art about 6 years ago and now paint full time. I am inspired by my garden and surroundings, which I put onto canvas in my own style. I paint in Watercolour, Pastels, Oils and Acrylics. Creativity is never ending, be it garden, design, or painting I love them all.

Piha is one of my favourite places in West Auckland. Wild and beautiful.

I am an investor in property, which means lots of work!

Strangest thing I have eaten? Probably frogs legs.

Yellow daffodils are in the room with me now.

My art smells of the ocean and tastes of salt.

One of my favourite works was a small oil painting of the ocean. It has now sold but is was simple and border3website Vera LimmerVera-Limmer-in-the-studio--(2)Living in West Auckland and being an artist is large part of my life. Hi my name is Vera Limmer and I am an artist that creates art work with acrylic paints on board. My subjects are landscapes, city views , flowers and birds.  I love to explore paint and how it can be pushed about and used in different ways.

My solo show at the West coast gallery Piha starts on 28th October to the 26th November opening on the 28th at 2pm with a book launch, all about the exhibition.

Facebook : Vera Limmer artwork