ArtWest 2018

Many thanks to all the Artists that participated in ArtWest 2018.  Together we showcased the quality, diversity and strength of art practises in West Auckland.  Proud to be West!

Artists in alphabetical order include:
Akemi Nakamura | Alissa Gilbert | Alistair Elliott | ArtSpark | Audrey Boyle | Bree Fraser | Charlotte Graham | Chris Van Doren | Cora-Allan Wickliffe | Dane Taylor | Daniel Twiss | David Prentice | David Swenke | Deborah Thacker | Denrick Lester Hernandez Areliano | Desmond Burdon | Dorothy de Lautour | Eddie Monotone | Evelyn White | Faatauala Pulelua | Frances Atkins | Freya Kulasegram | Gabrial Aviga | Gavin Hipkins | Gretchen Menezes | Helen Dean | Helen Feu’u | HyunJin Yun and Robin de Haan | Iafeta Matagi | Irina Velman | Janet Lilo | Jasmin Coul | Jean Stewart | Jermaine Reihana | Jody Yawa McMillan | Joelle Bunt | John Johnston | John Unasa | Josh A Andrell | Katie Smith | Kealoha J Hodge Wallace | Kinstry Smythe | Kitiona Maava | Kris Burrows | Laura Jer | Lea Schlatter | Leah Wilson | Leela Bhai | Levon Parker | Lisa Baudry | Louise Stevenson | Mac | Mairi Gunn | Mandy Patmore | Maria Podskrebko | Max White | May Trubuhovich | Melvyetta Sunema | Mere Clifford | Mia Straka | Mike Stock | Monique Endt | Nandini Singh | Naomi Azoulay | Niki Hastings-McFall | Numangatini MacKenzie | Oxsanah Fifita | Pauline McCoy | Pusi Urale | Rachel Eveleigh | Rachel Mooney | Robin Mansfield | Ros Lowrey | Ruth Cleland | Sara Hughes | Sidra Zaqroon | Stefanie Kroeger  | The Creative Souls Project | The Village | Valma Enger | Vera Limmer | Warwick Limmer


Programme of Events included | 

PUBLIC OPENING | Friday 26 October 6pm
Pacifica/reggae/rap Dance performance by Kelston Girls’ College students; Sounds with Strictly vinyl Dj Empress Naima; Tastes created by Chef Iafeta Matagi.

COLOUR MY WORLD | was a series of workshops developed by ArtSpark and Kelston’ Girls College, to give children from 6 local schools a unique opportunity to create individual artworks. These were displayed together in a large art installation during ArtWest.  Massive shout out to Arahoe School, Avondale Primary School, Glendene School, Kelston Primary School, Kelston Deaf Education centre and Woodlands Park School.

ART+WORKSHOPS | Sun 28 11 – 2pm
The Creative Souls Project provided hands on kids workshops; Mairi Gunns virtual reality common/place; Numangatini MacKenzie was hand printing one of a kind pareu.


KGC PUBLIC ARTWORK | This years billboard is a public artwork, designed and hand-painted by students at Kelston Girls’ College.  Talking about what it is to be Wahine Toa and wanting to create a work that represented the many voices in the school, they chose to create a work that developed as it grew.  Beginning with some early sketches and inviting students to join in on their lunch breaks, the artwork took form over a 3 week period.

Special thanks to Kerri, Raj, Mel, Fatu, Carol, Nona, the Arts committee and everyone else that put some paint on the canvas during their lunch breaks.


DINNER AT ARTWEST | 2018 was a blast!  With over 60 West Auckland Artists attending and our longest table to date…conversations a plenty and new connections, opportunities discussed.  Many thanks to ArtsWhau  for the collaboration and the Wise collective for the kai.

Article in October issue of the Fringe Magazine.  Click on the image to take you to the full issue.Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 12.14.52 PM

Many thanks to our supporters!

Kelston Girls’ College, Creative Communities Scheme, Whau Local Board, Waitakere Local Board and local businesses, enables free public access to the exhibition and community art events to accompany the exhibition.